From Stress to Sleep: How Massage Therapy Can Help You Reset


Are you struggling to feel your best due to constant stress and lack of sleep? You’re not alone! There’s no doubt that life can be overwhelming, especially when it feels like there are never enough hours in the day. But how can you make time for yourself while trying to juggle it all? Massage therapy […]

What is Holistic Massage?


Holistic Massage Holistic Massage is both an assessment methodology and a framework for generating a specific massage plan tailored to the constitution of a client. With Holistic Assessment, the specific nature and qualities of the massage can be determined, or prioritized, for any individual whether a sedentary worker, an obese person, a bodybuilder, a child, […]

Massage Body Mechanics


Massage Body Mechanics™ How to Massage All Day and Remain Stress Free (Originally published in Massage Magazine) by William Barry LMT,MTI,L.Ac.,OMD An essential key to success in Massage is the ability to provide daily massage withoutincurring stress or injury. Sever upper body stress and burnouts are all too common inmassage. The proper Body Mechanics becomes […]