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Words From Our Students

Words From Our Students

Upon entering our program, each student writes a 150-word essay on why they are choosing a career in Massage Therapy.

Some words may link with your own interests and goals for your life.

Here are a few “words” you may look into…


My motivation for entering the field of massage therapy is to be able to help as many people reduce their stress and body aches as possible. I enjoy working with people and helping them feel more relieved and stress free; I would especially love to do this with the proper training and education.

Massage therapists are in very high demand and business is growing every day for them. I’d have more job security which is motivating as well. 

My education will help me succeed in my career and life by becoming my own boss as a massage therapist and having flexible hours to do everything I need. 

Education will also help me provide the best massage I can for clients, along with different styles and techniques to keep them satisfied and returning for more. Which will make me succeed in my career and life, being the best massage therapist I can be.


For a long time, I’ve been searching for a career, where I could make real money, provide for myself and family, and do something that helps people. I’ve done many jobs, sales, managing a restaurant, administrative work, cleaning homes and so much more, but nothing felt right! 

I first started thinking of becoming a massage therapist years ago, but I had let other people talk me out of what I believe could be the most rewarding career. I realized, it’s not my job to live up to anyone else’s expectations but my own. People will always have something to say, but I, finally, learned to follow my own heart and motivations. Struggling with back pain on a daily basis made me aware of how important it is to take care of yourself and how many health issues could be solved with alternative forms of treatment. 

In today’s world, most doctors decide to prescribe medication to treat symptoms instead of getting to the root issue and working on healing that. During my search for other alternatives to heal myself, I was opened to a world of information on holistic medicine and energy healing as well. I’ve always wanted to be a healer! That was always my answer, when asked “what would you choose for your super power to be?”.

Massage therapy is a healing modality that offers so much benefit, and is highly underrated. I love that I would be giving people a break from today’s hectic world, with just a perfect atmosphere to bring healing and life back into the body.

After finishing massage therapy school, I’d love to learn reiki and continue my education, learning skills to become the best healer!


After being a part of the “office world” for ten years, I am ready for a change. I had initially thought about doing massage therapy after graduating high school, but then life happened and the idea got away from me. I’ve recently circled back to this idea because I am now in a place to take a break and focus on learning.

I know a good education will lay the foundation for me to be able to obtain the necessary licensing and certification. It will also get me back in the groove of constantly being on my toes (literally and figuratively). 

I also feel that my experience of working in an office setting that is fast paced and ever changing, plus the fact that I know a lot of the aches and pains that come with sitting at a desk for eight hours a day five days a week will be beneficial in helping me learn this new trade and how to ask clients how to help me help them when it comes to their specific massage requirements.

I enjoy helping people and know first hand that a massage can work wonders not just physically but also mentally. Everyone deserves to feel their best and to take a moment for themselves so they can recharge before they go back to pouring all of their energy into their jobs, families, friendships, etc.


When I graduated from high school, the first job I had was working for an afterschool program, with elementary to high school students. I would always say that I would retire in the school district. I worked eight years from being site coordinator to eight months as a principal secretary. I then decided to start an extra source of income with doing body contouring. That’s when everything changed for me. I started to enjoy the art that is the human body.

It was a passion at that point – I quit my job to start my own business that now opened a bigger door to run a doctors new office this summer. This license will be the beginning of a new chapter in my career. I will be able to offer multiple services. I’m super excited!


Throughout my entire career I have been enslaved to corporate demands through time management, budgeting, and the management of expectations to and of others. I have added millions of dollars to corporate bottom lines, only to have them move the goal post and ask ungratefully for more.

As I mature, my goals and expectations I want for myself are changing. I find it more and more difficult to go to a workforce where it’s more important to them, “what’s in it for me”.

I cannot escape my strong lifelong desire to work for the service of others.  I believe that I will be able to help people come in contact with their higher selves through some type of means I have yet to discover.

I have been fortunate to receive many massages in my lifetime, I can recall time after time again where in a relaxed state of meditation I have made important discoveries of myself. These discoveries filled me with a light and love that is becoming a lifelong mission that I can share with others.

Having a license as a massage therapist, I can create a business where I can provide a holistic environment where a client can come into my business home, enter a relaxed state of consciousness, and through the environment grab enough positive vibration that the guest can find it within themselves to seek light and love and be introduced to their own higher selves; as well as gracefully add millions to my own bottom line.

Lol, almost kidding.


My motivation for entering the field of massage therapy can be solely attributed to my mom. As a young man growing up in a single parent home of 5, there is a lot that can go over your small little head, (though I was made fun of for having a big one, lol) or rather you still had a child like innocence; things that you know now hold weight differently than they did back then. My mom, as an LVN, did her very best to make sure we wouldn’t go without, even if it often meant that she would have to.

This meant long hours at work and then coming home to be a full time mom (supervising homework, cooking, and cleaning). She would give us chores to help her out and on occasion ask for a massage for whichever body part was being rowdy that day.  It was so simple but I had so much joy just being able to help provide my mom with relief. As I was the better of my siblings, this task often came to me.

So fast forward to today with plenty of health scares between now and then (some she beat and others she’s still going through) and my desire for a job that reminds me of a simpler time and you’ll get the reason for how this education will help me succeed in my career as well as life. Because still to this day I go to massage my mom (now, after all my long hours of work and chores I have at home) with the added difference of me being aware of my current skill set isn’t enough to provide her with lasting relief.

In my search for a highly acclaimed school, I felt that the guys and gals at Phoenix were who I needed to help me learn the right skill set, so that I may provide lasting relief as well as true treatment.

I know that with this field I would only be limited by my mind, as I take the classes I need to proceed further.